First Annual Washed Up Hip Hop Celebs…

Posted by blazzin on May 29, 2007

Since they are passing up record deals like free lunch to every hood chick with a cute face and a suction for a mouth (ie Dallas Austin: “Dem Hos F$%k for Tracks Man”). I decided to compile a list of all the chicks Blazzin News considers Talent-Less 

No Matter What She does…. How much ass she shows.. the girl is going nowhere but down…literally… Jay-Z couldnt help this chicks career….. Mya try acting… shit it worked for ….ummmm damn…… nobody…… Well you can always come out with a sex tape…

Ashanti……talent is not one of you greatest strengths…… you have warn your welcome out…please.. the only thing working for this track is Jim Jones yelling boooorrrriiiinnnngggg in the background and you took a good Pac Beat and Hook and destroyed it….Thanks for messing up the memory of a classic joint… from here on out Blazzin News has restricted the use of Pac & Biggie Joints. The folks at Blazzin news has also decided that Keisha Cole has taken Ashanti’s place as the most Talent Less Singer that we Love 2 Hate on but Bump the Hell out of their shit in our pimped out rides (shotouts to Xzibit another washed up celebrity bum). So Ashanti you are banned from walking into any studios for the rest of your LIFE thanks.

Brook Valentine

Need I say more…… this girl is hood and she can’t sing….. we only allow one talent-less chick out of Atlanta… and that’s Ciara… so go away we like her more anyway.. shot outs to Ciara for landing that RocaWear Campaign….

Brook you are giving me a headache… can someone start a Girl Fight with her and beat her up if she enters a studio again! 

Now….if you come out with more positive items like this for our young African American Women… I might reconsider…. but that hood bullshit needs to STOP…..


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