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Michael Vick Gets Cut From Air Tran Ads

Posted by blazzin on June 4, 2007

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Embattled Falcons quarterback Michael Vick can still fly AirTran — but he will have to pay to do it. And, he won’t be in ads for the discount airline anymore.

“Michael’s contract expired May 8 and we decided to go in another direction,” said Tad Hutcheson, an AirTran spokesman. “We still have lots of football endorsers like Warrick Dunn and Brian Finneran, and Peyton Manning endorses us in Indianapolis. Our football ads typically start in August, and we’re assessing our needs at the moment.”

Hutcheson declined to give a specific reason why Vick’s contract was not renewed. The Falcons star has been involved in several off-the-field incidents in the past few months, including three involving AirTran flights. There is currently an investigation of illegal dogfighting on property Vick owns in Surry County, Virginia.

The terms of Vick’s deal with AirTran were never disclosed, but his contract did involve free airline travel as a standby passenger.

Hutcheson said Vick and his guests are welcome to fly AirTran any time they wish — as paying customers.

“They’re more than welcome to fly AirTran,” he said.

Vick was unavailable for comment Thursday and his agent and lawyer have not returned repeated phone calls about his recent troubles. A Falcons spokesman said the team would not comment on the AirTran matter.

Vick had been a regular AirTran pitchman since 2004, but the series of off-the-field incidents have sullied his image. For more on thi

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Michael Vick gets cut from all Air Tran ads because o


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