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Bootz’s Crazy Ass!

Posted by blazzin on June 7, 2007

Larissa Aurora: “Bootz” Camp Source
After leaving Charm School, Larissa “Bootz” Aurora sets the record straight about Mo’Nique and her classmates.


Hate it or love it, Larissa “Bootz” Aurora is unbreakable. So what if she flunked Charm School, this aspiring actress and licensed hair stylist wants you to know that she has a real life outside of the Queen of Comedy’s institution. Besides, the California native has been winning baby pageants since she was a 1 year old and could probably teach her former classmates a spellbinding lesson or two. Larissa, the middle child of four siblings, has been keeping her eyes on the prize—acting, modeling and preparing to launch her own weave hairline, Larissa Aurora. kicked it with the fiesty ex-student to dish about Mo’Nique’s rules, her “so-called” friend Shay, and why Flava Flav was never the object of her desire.

Unfortunately, you and Mo bumped heads constantly. Do you really have beef with her?
The only thing I can say about Mo’Nique is that she doesn’t see everything that goes on in the house, but our strained relationship was another reason I left. And let’s be clear, I left the show, I didn’t get eliminated. If judging was really based on the competition, then I passed my competition so why was I on the carpet? Mo’Nique had too much pride to congratulate me on doing a great interview with “New York.”

Weren’t you on the carpet for hiding Leilene’s photo?
Who cares if I hid the picture? When Schatar (Hottie) hid Heather’s (Krazy) clothes Mo told us to step up our game because Schatar did a great job playing us. So I’m thinking, ‘Okay Mo’Nique wants us to play dirty, then let’s play dirty.’ But when I do a prank, I’m a thief and a liar.

Do you think Shay sold you out?
My feeling is that if we’re partners, why are you telling Mo’Nique that I did it alone? We both did it. I was tired of explaining myself to Mo’Nique because who are you to judge me on anything? If I had done what Saaphyri did in that thrift store — throwing clothes around and carrying on — Mo would never have made any excuses for me.

So why do you think Mo’Nique doesn’t like you?
Because I wouldn’t share my life story with her, but why should I? Mo’Nique isn’t a psychiatrist and I didn’t feel it was necessary because I don’t want all of America knowing my business. Charm School isn’t a show to help the girls, instead it made us look like fools. Do you know the first thing Mo’Nique said to us when we arrived? She told us we were a disgrace to Black women. They edited that out because there were White, Latin and Asian women there as well, but why choose to call out and embarass the Black women?

Whoa, okay. Well why’d you and your friend Shay have a falling out?
First of all, Shay and I are not friends. In fact, I don’t even know her and the only reason Shay told everyone she was my friend was because she knows my fan base is large. So she figured, let me hang with Bootz because she’d get more screen time. There were a lot of things cut out of the episode that proved that Shay had a problem with me. If she was my friend, why would you try to clown me during the debate team challenge and the Leilene situation?

Do you think everyone wanted to make you look like the bad girl?
All the girls thought, ‘I can take advantage of Larissa because she’s the youngest in the house.’ But they soon learned that wasn’t the case. When I watch the show I see exactly what everybody else sees: Bootz is devious, but I’m different from that character, and that’s all Bootz is, a character. “Buckeey” (Shay) used the fact that Mo’Nique and I didn’t get along to her advantage at eliminations.

But didn’t you hurt yourself at judging by not confessing that you hid Leilene’s photo when Mo’Nique asked you the first time?
I only admitted I hid the picture the second time around because if I’d confessed before I would have ruined my plan to get rid of Schatar and why would I do that? Shay and I planned that together but because Shay’s envious and weak she had to rely on other people’s strength to do what she is too afraid to do. I didn’t care because it was just a game.

For you it was a game, but many people believe it was thoughtless of you.
Again, there are things edited out or put together out of sequence that the viewers never get to see. Shay and I didn’t know that Leilene’s mom had passed until elimination. If we had known beforehand, neither of us would have ever taken the photo.

Do you think that you’re perpetuating negative stereotypes of Black women?
The people that say the show is degrading to Black women still watch it and help boost ratings. When they stop watching then they’ll stop airing these shows and they won’t have anything to complain about. They talk about us worst than the video vixens, but I know that’s because the show is such a huge success. People are way too hard on the shows when they should be focusing on whatever else is going on in the world.

Are you sorry you missed out on winning $50,000?
I didn’t care if I won the money or not because 50 Grand isn’t a lot of money to me. Every other girl made winning that 50 Grand their life. Honestly, I don’t know how the other girls are used to living, but I’m used to better things and I’m not easily influenced by money. I have other goals in my life and I know how to make money other ways.

What about Flava Flav? Are you sorry you missed out on being his No. 1 girl?
He is a very nice person, but he wasn’t serious about any of the girls — just his ratings and getting paid. Honestly, nobody wanted to win him, they wanted to win the exposure.

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