Leave Brittany Alone! – Brittany Hospitalized

Posted by blazzin on January 4, 2008


I really believe that it is time for Brittany to be left alone! The media has built this child up to tear her down. Please Leave Brittany alone…. The sit back and call her a failure but her recent album debut at number 2 on the billboard. They say that she has not done any promotion for the album because she is cracked out, but why should she promote and waist money when she has the tabloids and the media doing it for her. Brittany needs her space and the media will not realize it until something horrible happens to her… and even then they will still tear her down…. Fucking Crabs…

According to TMZ they have suspended Brittany’s visitation rights…. The only ones that will suffer is her kids… Great job family court….  Click here for a copy of the order Care of TMZ of course…  Shar and K Fed are sitting back laughing because they planned this ….. Just think, if my man came home and said Brittany wanted to marry him I would send his ass on….. We got to eat ….

Now as far as her body at the VMA’s …. tell me how many chicks look like that after having 2 babies…. shit..  Leave that chick alone… Im pretty sure she makes more money in a month they you make in a year.
As far as her children are concerned… no one knows what went on in that house unless they were there.. NO ONE has the right to say that she or her ex is unfit unless they witnessed it first hand. We all make mistakes the only difference between Brittany and us is that her every move is captured on camera….Think of everything you do on a day to day basis….. I know if I had paparazzi following me they would see me jacked up … nappy weave… drunk after the club…. stealing lighters … driving wrekless too… etc. etc… so before you are sooooo quick to pass judgement take a long look at yourself first…..

Now as far as her being hospitalized … Get well girl!

On a funny note I had to do this….. But still… leave her alone!!!


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