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Danity Kane hates on Keisha Cole!

Posted by blazzin on February 2, 2008

Danity Kane has a problem with Keisha Cole. In a recent Ms Jones interview the band mates commented on how rude Keisha is and that if there was a battle Fantasia would win. They even had the nerve to bring up that Keisha hits sour notes but when Mr Jones asked who sings better Danity or Keish. The group started to back peddle. Meanwhile D woods, knowing that shes going solo and leaving those whores behind, is in the background making it known that she has nothing to do with the rest of the Aubrey clones, saying “I didnt say that”. Now ladies I understand you have a show and an album droppin soon but Keep it up.. Neffe is going to come through and kick errbodies ass, while pregnant and holding her other three kids in her hand and smoking a blunt….. with a 40 ounce of Old English in her back pocket.. Screaming ” biach dont talk about my rent.. umm I mean my SisTahhh”. Meanwhile Frankie is going to be in the background collecting the torn out weave and stumping Aubreys ho ass out and burning her with old crack pipes…

Danity Kane Interview Part 1 

Danity Kane Interview Part 2

Leave Keish alone so what if she didn’t want to talk to you contestant winners ….. give it a rest …


One Response to “Danity Kane hates on Keisha Cole!”

  1. Mesto said

    FUCK keisha coles, and her NON singing ass…

    Keisha Coles, her mother and her sister should off** themselves together..

    for real, fucking voice is killing me.. and they constantly giving this ghetto bitch Air time by playing her wack ass songs, and giving her wack ass a fucking tv show.. oh thats nice you had a bad childhood/life, plus your mom is a crackwhore/FELON… seriously dont see any shows about white people PUBLICIZING oh bad there life is.. because they know… NOBODY FUCKING CAREs.. i mean damn if thats how you make your money.. do you but damn stop singing..

    off* = suicide, killing yourself.

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