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Pro Bowl 2008- Parties

Posted by blazzin on February 15, 2008

Dj Drama & Summer

Ok ok I was unfortunate enough to visit Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. I guess I didn’t get the memo that the Pro Bowl isn’t Allstar weekend and that everyone else in the universe is saving their duckets $$ for that weekend. The only highlight of the trip was the scenery, Hawaii is beautiful and the samoan men were not that bad either. Anyways I went out and saw a gang of folks some names that I know and some people that I recognized immediately. One in particular was TO (at Pipeline Cafe) I saw him on Saturday night and to be honest I understand why the man is so damn mad….. People bother him and stare, it was so bad that when he arrived dudes ran to the table like they were giving out “Red” Kool aid or something. The only thing that was great about that is instead of TO crying and telling everyone to leave him alone his body guard did the dirty work for him.  Dj Drama aka Hyme  djayed that party and he had me dancing even with my corned feet for a second and then he lost me… I mean come on drama it was a party not a Bar Mitzva. Anyway I saw drama with video chick, Summer on Friday at Zanzabar and they looked quite cozy together (sorry for putting your biz out there girl…:))) but hey Im bored soo. I saw Rosci that night in the VIP area.. Ok Ok call me a hater but I just think she looks like gizmo in a dress (for those who don’t know who gizmo is just wet Rosci and you will find out). There was a lot of players in the area Vip at Zanzabar but the DJ SUCKED that’s right I said it he SUCKED any party that he dj’s count da kid out!! The two funniest moments of the night was the gay dudes with their Player boyfriends. Yep I said it … gays and undercover football players with their boyfriends and bold boyfriends too. We had one that gave us the low down on errrrrrbody. sorry folks I really don’t know his name yet but here is a hint of who he was ….( He was at Pipeline on Saturday night and  he was in the VIP are with Urban Beauty Weave and her friend…..whats funny is his boyfriends were over there too!  its not TO either! He was to the right of TO). Bernie Mac Show lady was at Zanzabar  on Friday and shes “Soooo Hoooooood” but I like her she seems really down to earth. Friday at Zanzabar was crazy …… then to top the night off some black chicks started fighting in VIP…oh boyyyyyyy!  All in All I had a good time with my peoples, but no matter what chick you talk to from Pro Bowy they all will tell you the dudes act super stank and the gays act worse….

Urban Beauty


 oh…..everything is speculation … yada yada yada…


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