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The Ignorant Profiles…Nas and Kelis

Posted by blazzin on February 15, 2008


Nas and his wife wore nigger clothing to the Grammys. I am appalled at this behavior Nasir Jones and Kelis Anna! I say we all boycott this cat. What were they thinking .. really just think of all the other races that watched the Grammys and laughed at how ignorant people can be. The snickers of the southern folk that use that word to INSULT BLACK PEOPLE! There is no excuse for him naming his album nigger and to walk around with a symbol of hatred on his chest. I understand that Nas wants publicity but this is not the way to do it . You are losing fans Nas and I refuse to buy an album titled Nigga or nigger or black nigger .. no matter what the reason is behind it! Dammit! It makes me want to scream. Its similar to you being a “Jig a boo” or a “yesa massa” man. No matter what your reasoning Nasir Jones you are wrong, no matter what you say, no matter how you switch it up, you are sending a negative message and you are keeping hate alive and well. Now because you and your wife wore those shirts white, black, Latinos, Arabs, and Indians etc etc will think its ok to walk around with a shirt on that says NIGGER! 

People really need to think before making stupid decisions what may seem right at the time can have long lasting effects.  So.. I vote Nas and Kelis the most ignorant muther fuckers in the industry right now….. Kat Williams can get a break from my hit list…


Throwback Ignorance

Kat Williams Ignorant Assnoose_narrowweb__300x3560.jpg


2 Responses to “The Ignorant Profiles…Nas and Kelis”

  1. lastchance30 said

    You know what I think you’re ignorant for writing this, its just a word and the only way for that to change is to use it like Nas does and show everyone that they can’t hurt him with words… if one takes the hurt out of the word, ignorant whites in the south wont be able to use it to hurt us!! and kat williams is a funny mother fucker and I will go out and buy Nas’ new CD no matter what its labled because he is a bad ass MC!

  2. Akira said

    Re “ignorant whites in the south”:

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