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Nothing Like a Woman Scorned! Ace Capone Found Guilty!

Posted by blazzin on March 14, 2008

acecapone.jpg Photo: Philadelphia enq

Ace Capone’s life is officially over and he has nothing but time on his hands to think about how he cheated on the mother of his children, Kristina Latney, and caused her to turn states witness. Kristina testified that Capone was the head of a multimillion dollar organization that moved tons of weight all across the Philadephia area. Kristina, after having two of this cats kids stretch marks and all, was replaced by a younger chick  Monique Pullins, and SNAPPED (according to my version of the story that I pieced together in my warped lil ol mind)! She said fuck that good for nothing nigga ! I was with him since he wasn’t “Mr Capone”, Im telling on his fat ass. Let me see who he’s fucking when his ass goes to jail for life…. and his little bitches too ha ha ha ha….. This chick put him and his girlfriends in jail… Kristina got the ultimate revenge. They all will think about her every day and really there is nothing they can do about it because no matter what they do to her.. she has the last laugh…..

So back to the real story… 

“Coles, 34, was found guilty of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and with heading a continuing criminal enterprise that engaged in drug trafficking, conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and weapons offenses. Coles faces a mandatory life sentence. ”

“Monique Pullins, Coles’ 24-year-old girlfriend, was convicted of operating the accounting practices of the criminal organization. Tally sheets, a handgun and a digital scale were found in her North Philadelphia home. Pullins was named in the top counts, and she’s facing a mandatory 10 years with a possibility of life in prison. Although previously out on bail, Pullins has been remanded as of today.”

“Aysa Richardson, 27, was convicted on related money-laundering charges. She was living with Coles at his Harrison Township home at the time of his arrest.”



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