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20 Million Civil Case Against Remy Martin Dropped!

Posted by blazzin on March 23, 2008


Remy Shooting Victim Drops Civil Suit

Remy Ma

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*The woman who says she was shot in the abdomen by Remy Ma has withdrawn a $20 million civil lawsuit against the rapper, but she may be waiting for the outcome of the current criminal trial to refile, according to reports.      Makeda Barnes-Joseph filed the civil suit in December of 2007, claiming that Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, shot her over a dispute regarding money stolen from Remy’s purse.

       Jurors in the trial heard directly from Barnes-Joseph on Friday (March 14), when she testified about the argument that led up to her shooting.  According to Barnes-Joseph, Remy Ma jumped into Barnes-Joseph’s vehicle demanding to examine the contents of her purse.

       Barnes-Joseph said she denied taking Remy’s money and refused to empty her purse so that Remy could look through it herself. It was then that Remy shot her in the stomach, Barnes-Joseph testified.

       Remy Ma’s defense attorney, Ivan Fisher, maintains that the shooting was accidental. The rapper faces up to 25 years in prison if found guilty of the charges against her, including first degree assault.


Victim Testifies..”Remy Shot Me”

“Makeda Barnes Joseph, the shooting victim in the Remy Ma assault case trial, took the stand against the Bronx-bred rapper on Friday (Mar. 14).

According to the Associated Press Joseph, 24, testified that Remy Ma jumped into her car and demanded that she empty out the contents of her purse so the Remy could look for the $3,000 that had come up missing during a party.

Joseph said she didn’t take the money and refused to hand over the bag, which resulted in a scuffle that led to the rapper shooting her in the abdomen. While on the stand, Joseph described being shot, saying that she feared for her life and that she had to undergo three separate surgeries as a result of the shooting during her three-week hospital stay.

“I swung (my arms) down and that’s when she shot me,” Joseph testified. “I saw the flash. All the smoke was in my face, and I sucked it in. It felt like a burning sensation, coming up.”

She also said that a friend rushed to help her as the blood spread in an irregular red pattern over her white dress. She says that she told Krystal Bolton, “The bullet is moving up. It’s moving to my heart. Tell my mommy I love her.”

Bolton took the stand herself earlier last week, saying that she was in a parked car close to the shooting last July and that Joseph pleaded with her for her life, saying “don’t let me die.”

Prosecutors allege that Remy jumped into her SUV and fled the scene after the shooting, slamming into a parked car a few blocks away. They claim that she then abandoned her SUV and made her way to a friend’s apartment in Harlem.

While the prosecution is attempting to paint the picture as a deliberate shooting, Remy’s lawyer, Ivan Fisher, is stern in his position that suggested the incident was an accident during the struggle over the purse. That defense is in direct opposition to the testimony given by witness Oluwole Ajudun, who testified on March 11 that he saw Remy cock back a silver gun before hopping into the car with Joseph.

Fisher also noted that Joseph had withdrawn a $20 million civil lawsuit she had filed against Remy Ma, but could refile it later, suggesting she was waiting to see if the criminal trial ended in her favor.

The trial is set to resume today in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court for first-degree assault and other charges related to the shooting. She faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. ”

Source Sohh


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