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Oh Hell No! Oprahs Getting Sued!

Posted by blazzin on March 23, 2008

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LEAVE OPRAH ALONE! Oprah is one of the only women that I know of in the industry that is taking her blessings and using them for good. No matter what ANYBODY says about this lady no one can deny that she does not have a big heart.

Attorneys for the queen of daytime are fending off two separate lawsuits this week, one filed by an audience member at The Oprah Winfrey Show who claims she was injured when the excitable audience stampeded for choice seats during a taping, and another from a Boston mother who claims she fed Harpo Studios the idea for Winfrey’s ratings-grabbing stab at televised altruism, Oprah’s Big Give, and has yet to receive credit or compensation.

The first of the suits, filed in Chicago’s Cook County Circuit Court, sees onetime audience member Orit Greenberg seeking more than $50,000 in medical fees and other damages from Harpo, claiming that while attending a taping of the chatfest on Dec. 5, 2006, she suffered “severe and permanent injuries.”

The damage was done, Greenberg claimed, when studio reps told audience members congregated in a waiting room that they could choose their own seats once inside the studio. In the ensuing mad dash to score front-row placement, an “excess number of patrons…rushed the gate,” and Greenberg was subsequently pushed down a flight of stairs.

The suit blames Harpo for the incident, saying the company failed to exercise adequate crowd control measures and was similarly careless in allowing the rabid pack of housewives to battle it out for prime Winfrey-watching seats.

A Harpo rep told E! News on Friday that the company does not comment on pending litigation.

As for the action against Oprah’s Big Give, Boston mother-of-four Darlene Tracy alleges that producers of the Sunday night feel-good show stole the idea from a proposal she sent the company back in February 2005.

Tracy claims she pitched a reality show called The Philanthropist to Ellen Rakieten and Jennifer Thornton, the executive producer and a producer of Winfrey’s daytime talk show, in which contestants were judged on their ability to help out those less fortunate.

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