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Rock of Love Fight – Daisy & Heather

Posted by blazzin on April 17, 2008

Daisy -Rock of Love

Ok Ok I admit to it, I watch this show but I am very pissed about this fight. Daisy did not derserve for Heather to hit her. This ghetto trash is just jealous of Daisy and she was jealous from the first day that she met her. I watched both seasons of Rock of Love and Heather has no right to call no one a whore or a stripper because that is what she is.. She did the same thing that Daisy did during her season. When Heather entered the house she was on a mission to make Daisy’s life hell while she was there. She turned everyone against Daisy and then still hated because Brets (nappy ass weave) didn’t cut her. Strippers, I swear, are all the same Jealous and spiteful. Daisy was my favorite character on the show because she was the same through the entire show, she was animated, and she owned her shit. She admitted to fucking and she admitted to stripping so what’s the problem…What the hell. …. If you look at the fight .. it wasn’t even a fair fight because the body guard was holding daisy arm down. This looks like a set up to me…

Heres a recent Daisy Interview
“What was the meanest thing any of the girls did to you on the show?
They all ganged up at once. Heather threw a drink on me, then Destiney threw a drink on me, all on the same night. That was really not a good experience for me. The meanest thing anyone did to me, you’ll have to see in the reunion, it comes up in the reunion. Also, using things in my life that I have no control of, past situations against me I just thought was really unfair. I can’t control the way my life has gone. The things that I did before I knew Brett, if I ever knew I was gonna be on the show, maybe I would have done things differently in my life.
On the meanest thing she did on the show:
Something I did in good fun, there was a point when me and Destiney had found a picture of Kristy Joe just randomly, I swear I think just purposely planted there. We had heard a rumor about something, we found the picture and we proceeded to put ranch dressing on her face to sort of, uh, recreate what we heard. We put it on the fridge and wrote “Kristy Cream” on it. That was pretty mean, but it wasn’t mean, it was just funny, that’s what I was going for, laughs. I know it wasn’t fun to Kristy Joe, but it wasn’t like we were trying to beat her up. ”

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