Khia Interviews with Porsche Fox

Posted by blazzin on June 10, 2008

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Stop giving Khia a hard time…. Shit, if Khia looked like everybody else you would love her.. because she is natural and looks like the normal round the way chick its a problem. The reason Khia acts the way that she does is because she is attacked and insulted for being herself. I feel like she was singled out on the Rap Supreme show and she was singled out and attacked on this show. She’s just defended herself. Look at all the brown sisters that actually have talent and are naturally beautiful (Fantasia, Kelly Rowland, Tomeka Raymond, India A., Jasmine Sullivan etc), without nose jobs and butt injections. In every interview they get a hard time, everyone has something bad to say about how they look….what they have on…and how ugly they are. It’s so sad the culture we live in. Whats wrong with being a natural beauty? Kelly is a perfect example of the industry gone wrong. She made a comment that she did not like her skin tone and wished that she was lighter. Imagine that, she did not believe that she was beautiful because of the color of her skin….. All the nonsense that we see as a child, from cartoons to television shows that teach you to believe that anything close to european is great. Look at how they portray good versus evil. Good is always light and evil is alway dark. Look at BET and I guarantee you can count on 1 hand how many darker females you see on that network. Its sad…


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