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BadBoy Employee Airs Diddy Out…

Posted by blazzin on November 27, 2008

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I am doing my usual web surfing and went to my favorite website of all time to view the random postings because honestly there is nothing like a lot of women gossiping in the middle of the night. While adding my 2 cents in I came across a Thread that a soon to be ex Bad Boy employee posted. She is answering all question about Diddy aka Puffy aka P Diddy aka Sean Combs himself… here are some of the answers so far.. So Juicy.. Diddy please don’t sue me for this one because all you will get is some hair-grease and toothpaste thanks..

Question: i always assume, if he is a butt buster that puff would be a top not a bottom

Answer: puff is versatile in the bedroom, and has no problem letting people know.


What’s really on and poppin with him and Aubrey? Their interaction just screams “Yeah we fuggin….”

Answer: of course, but the problem is aubrey thinks she is the second coming of kim porter. someone needs to tap her on the shoulder to let her know it aint happening.


Is he banging that gay ass justin timberlake looking assistant? Who are the other assistants he banged?


of course.
i know cap
phil- although he wasnt an assistant
there are others.
i was just when he was on the show talking about diddy and ketsup, because he uses ketsup in the bedroom, like most folks use whip cream


“Puff turned Mase out
then drove him to the Lord.

“i cannot pinpoint his first sexual encounter with a man.

@ why is he bisexual—ummm how about because he likes penis.

i am pretty sure some industry folks turned him out and frankly the dots point to andre
i doubt that he has had sexual relations w. usher –i always sensed anomosity between the two

mase is a whole nother chapter.

well as for some of his boy toys i can confirm

Young Jock
Will Lemay
Tiger Woods–(he does like them pretty)
George Clooney”

“lets face it, kim was never a sucessful model, like she would like folks to believe.
she wanted to live a certain lifestyle and mr. williams could not give her that. folks tell her she could be done w/puff’s abuse and get money by doing a reality show or game show–but she thinks she’s too good for that so she stays.
trust kim is not so innocent, at the end of the day she is a beautiful woman and has several men, although not as rich as puff, dutifully blowing her back out.”

“puff was very bitter, because he felt like he was the one who made jlo who she was–during this time puff was very abusive to kim. i honestly think jlo was just an opportunist who used puff–honestly dont even think she likes blacks.

“jlo always had fertility issues. i doubt she ever got pregnant by puff.

i honestly doubt sienna and puff were together, but puff does keep some things on a hush so maybe–but no i never saw sienna around.

puff and zac sitting in a tree—f-u-c-k-i-n-g

puff is not mary’s type and vice versa

from their interactions, to me it seems like a love hate, but there were whispers that mama big always had a bad feeling about puff -woman’s intuition i guess

i think big looked at puff like he was a nerd, and puff looked at big like he was a product, dont get me wrong they were def cool, but not like soulmates like the media likes to proclaim. it was a business relationship first and foremost.”

“Kim Porter has questionable taste when it comes to men. Someone asked if she was sleeping with some guy from Georgia (Atlanta). I know one of them is Big Pat (Basement Ent) They’re both from Colombus,Ga. He brags about it and sleeps w/her on a regular. One year Kim even did a radio drop to say happy birthday to him. He had one of his bday celebrations at Justins. (Diddys spot)

Yes diddy knows they sleep together. Diddy played the “upset” role at first and even called Pat. For those of us who know Pat, knows he is emotional and gossips like a woman. I remember Pat always would say, “yea diddy be f#ckin on boys” (not underage boys,but u know what I mean)

Funny bc around the same time she was sleeping with Pat, she ended up pregnant. “Take that, take that Pat”- Love, Diddy

She was absolutely sleeping w/them at the same time.
Yes, kim gets her thang on, on the side. Which is why she sticks with Diddy. They both know what’s up w/the other.

Oh and Diddy and Dallas Austin are Really,REAlly, REALLY close.”

Well first we all know what Dallas was detained in Dubai for, right? Now put 2n2 2gether. Someone asked if Diddy did any drugs.
You have to be around these 2. You know how diddy puts on this tuff guy image on tv, well when he’s around Dallas (out of general public eye) he’s verrrrrrrryplayful and nothing like that man on tv. Get diddy in his comfort zone and anyone can see he plays on both “teams”

Not saying they’re f#ckin, bc I didn’t disappear with them, that was their private time, but if they’re not, then they must trade gay stories.”

Just hope this doesnt happen

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