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Its Official…. Jim Jones and Camron Split……. Juelz is put up for adoption…

Well, since this is my very first post let me begin with a topic that no one really cares about… According to Miss Info Dipset officially broke up… yes you didn’t hear it here first but since I have nothing else to do with my time but surf the net I guess I can spread this news.

Jimmy and Cam are dating no more…. who’s going to get the bandannas…..the pink Range. Who’s going to get custody of  Juelz Santana…. this break up might be the biggest in Hip Hop…. ok ok … maybe not… No one really cares….

But According to Capo Jim Jones

“Me and Cam’ron havent spoken to each other in a year….There are so many times that dude did me and Juelz dirty. But I kept quiet out of loyalty, I felt like if we cant be friends then at least we can do business together….But now I can’t be next to you….I’m threw wit being in hot water because of you….we got to put Cam on punishment for a while. Now you’re the black sheep….We still the Diplomats. We worked too hard to achieve our own success and now we’re gonna have to do something new….”

But I have devised a list of the reasons why Cam and Jimmy are getting a divorce…..

1. Camron is jealous of Jim Jones success….

2. Camron wrote this for Jimmys Remix “fruity tooty check out that booty… ohhh wee shes a cutie” Jimmy didn’t put it on the Track and Cam got mad

3. Jimmy got a plan…..

4. This nonsense with Satan O-Reily

RIP Dipset……Camron………………..”fruity tooty that booty is a cutie”

5.  60 minutes….. Why Cam……

6. According to Camron is a Snitch..

Images Robbed from TheSmokingGun.Com


Lets get it together Dip Set….



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