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Atlanta Housewives: Kim and the Infamous Wig

Posted by blazzin on November 27, 2008

Ok Ok Kims wig looks like she purchased it used from a Ex- Strippers yard sale. She may have found a couple of outfits there too. Her look reminde me of Jeeper Creeper in designer wear…. I’m just sayin mann he borrowed her wig for the movie.. thats all…

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BadBoy Employee Airs Diddy Out…

Posted by blazzin on November 27, 2008

Picture Source:

I am doing my usual web surfing and went to my favorite website of all time to view the random postings because honestly there is nothing like a lot of women gossiping in the middle of the night. While adding my 2 cents in I came across a Thread that a soon to be ex Bad Boy employee posted. She is answering all question about Diddy aka Puffy aka P Diddy aka Sean Combs himself… here are some of the answers so far.. So Juicy.. Diddy please don’t sue me for this one because all you will get is some hair-grease and toothpaste thanks..

Question: i always assume, if he is a butt buster that puff would be a top not a bottom

Answer: puff is versatile in the bedroom, and has no problem letting people know.


What’s really on and poppin with him and Aubrey? Their interaction just screams “Yeah we fuggin….”

Answer: of course, but the problem is aubrey thinks she is the second coming of kim porter. someone needs to tap her on the shoulder to let her know it aint happening.


Is he banging that gay ass justin timberlake looking assistant? Who are the other assistants he banged?


of course.
i know cap
phil- although he wasnt an assistant
there are others.
i was just when he was on the show talking about diddy and ketsup, because he uses ketsup in the bedroom, like most folks use whip cream


“Puff turned Mase out
then drove him to the Lord.

“i cannot pinpoint his first sexual encounter with a man.

@ why is he bisexual—ummm how about because he likes penis.

i am pretty sure some industry folks turned him out and frankly the dots point to andre
i doubt that he has had sexual relations w. usher –i always sensed anomosity between the two

mase is a whole nother chapter.

well as for some of his boy toys i can confirm

Young Jock
Will Lemay
Tiger Woods–(he does like them pretty)
George Clooney”

“lets face it, kim was never a sucessful model, like she would like folks to believe.
she wanted to live a certain lifestyle and mr. williams could not give her that. folks tell her she could be done w/puff’s abuse and get money by doing a reality show or game show–but she thinks she’s too good for that so she stays.
trust kim is not so innocent, at the end of the day she is a beautiful woman and has several men, although not as rich as puff, dutifully blowing her back out.”

“puff was very bitter, because he felt like he was the one who made jlo who she was–during this time puff was very abusive to kim. i honestly think jlo was just an opportunist who used puff–honestly dont even think she likes blacks.

“jlo always had fertility issues. i doubt she ever got pregnant by puff.

i honestly doubt sienna and puff were together, but puff does keep some things on a hush so maybe–but no i never saw sienna around.

puff and zac sitting in a tree—f-u-c-k-i-n-g

puff is not mary’s type and vice versa

from their interactions, to me it seems like a love hate, but there were whispers that mama big always had a bad feeling about puff -woman’s intuition i guess

i think big looked at puff like he was a nerd, and puff looked at big like he was a product, dont get me wrong they were def cool, but not like soulmates like the media likes to proclaim. it was a business relationship first and foremost.”

“Kim Porter has questionable taste when it comes to men. Someone asked if she was sleeping with some guy from Georgia (Atlanta). I know one of them is Big Pat (Basement Ent) They’re both from Colombus,Ga. He brags about it and sleeps w/her on a regular. One year Kim even did a radio drop to say happy birthday to him. He had one of his bday celebrations at Justins. (Diddys spot)

Yes diddy knows they sleep together. Diddy played the “upset” role at first and even called Pat. For those of us who know Pat, knows he is emotional and gossips like a woman. I remember Pat always would say, “yea diddy be f#ckin on boys” (not underage boys,but u know what I mean)

Funny bc around the same time she was sleeping with Pat, she ended up pregnant. “Take that, take that Pat”- Love, Diddy

She was absolutely sleeping w/them at the same time.
Yes, kim gets her thang on, on the side. Which is why she sticks with Diddy. They both know what’s up w/the other.

Oh and Diddy and Dallas Austin are Really,REAlly, REALLY close.”

Well first we all know what Dallas was detained in Dubai for, right? Now put 2n2 2gether. Someone asked if Diddy did any drugs.
You have to be around these 2. You know how diddy puts on this tuff guy image on tv, well when he’s around Dallas (out of general public eye) he’s verrrrrrrryplayful and nothing like that man on tv. Get diddy in his comfort zone and anyone can see he plays on both “teams”

Not saying they’re f#ckin, bc I didn’t disappear with them, that was their private time, but if they’re not, then they must trade gay stories.”

Just hope this doesnt happen

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 Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the above post and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Blazzin News or any employee thereof. Blazzin News is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the copied postings.

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Inmates Caught Getting Their Freak On!

Posted by blazzin on November 25, 2008

Now this is priceless, I know the dumb one that decided to write about it is getting her ass kicked right now for messing up the party.

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Meteor Slams Edmonton…

Posted by blazzin on November 25, 2008

The sky is Falling this has me a lil paranoid….

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Jim Jones Does Complex Magazine

Posted by blazzin on November 25, 2008

Jim Jones Complex Magazine Shoot

Jim Jones Complex Magazine Shoot

Photo Source: Complex/ Jones

Jim Jones recently sat down with Complex Magazine to talk upcoming business ventures and how his SWAG is the best in the game. Jim Jones also mentioned his alleged beef with Max B aka Lil Perm and spot about his failed realtionship with Cam.  Of course he brought his newly appointed side kick Dame Dash along for the free ride.

Here are some excerpts from the interview

And what about the play you’re starring in?

Jim Jones: I’m doing a play called Hip-Hop Monologues Off-Broadway. It’s something we derived for my new album. You know how everybody does a listening session and all the publicity comes through, and there’s a little bit of liquor there, and they play the music? I got tired of doing that; I wanted to do something very different. Something to gain people’s attention ’cause I want this album to be a real success. We’re going to do the best verses that fit the situation out of all the songs to pull this play off, and then we’re going to have a full stage set, the backgrounds, and are just going to paint the whole picture. But for the most part, I’ll be how John Leguizamo was in Freak; I’ll be the center of attention.


Speaking of attention, Max B has been going hard at you lately. He even has a site for it, How do you feel about that?

Jim Jones: It’s cool. Anything he tries to do, I can either shut it down or get paid for it. I own him, all his publishing, all his contracts. He sold me his publishing to get out of jail. He called me crying on the phone saying, “If you bail me out, I’ll sell you all my publishing and do whatever I got to do.” He damn near said, “I’d suck your dick like a crackhead to get out of jail.” [Laughs.] So you can imagine how frustrated I am, the way I’m living. I got 50 grand in my book bag, and we ain’t even at a video shoot.


Meanwhile, your relationship with Cam’ron is at a standstill. It seems like that souring has had the most effect on you.

Jim Jones: It’s definitely hard, because that’s my nigga, that’s my brother. We rolled together for a very long time, and there are things I remember we said that we would never do. And now that we’ve got so much success, we’re doing all the things we watched people do and said that wouldn’t be us. It’s the ego; it has to be. This is a question I’ve asked myself over and over again. That’s the only way I see it. Amongst everything else, there was a couple things said on my part, but I can do that if I want to. Above all, I kept it fair; I could really expose shit, but that’s not what I’m here for. Once your ego becomes bigger than money, you can’t get anywhere. It’s a sad thing—we’ve built so much. Everywhere around the world, people know the Diplomats as a strong entity. And it’s at a halt due to the fact we’ve been going back and forth through this minute bullshit. For more of the Jim Jones Interview Click Here


Im sorry yall I just LOVEEE Jim Jones….

Source Complex Magazine

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Posted by blazzin on November 25, 2008

Hello, I am officially back to blogging about nothing. I got bored with it and honestly it takes up a lot of time, but hopefully I can find a good direction for the blog and make it a site worth visiting… :-)…. so even though I am super late.. Yeah! Obama won…

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Plies – Please Excuse My Hands

Posted by blazzin on July 24, 2008

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Lupe Fiasco_ Paris Tokyo – The Cool

Posted by blazzin on July 24, 2008

I bought this album and this is one of the best albums I have heard in a WHILE.

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Jim Jones Talks Koch – Max B- New Business Ventures

Posted by blazzin on July 23, 2008

Picture Source

I love him

Worldstar Audio Source

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Blazzin Video of the Week – DJ Khaled – Out Here Grinding

Posted by blazzin on July 23, 2008

Dj Khaled Out Here Grinding

Dj Khaled Out Here Grinding

 Look at Trick Daddy Dollas Mean-muggin

Source: OnSmash

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They Set Brittany Up!

Posted by blazzin on July 22, 2008

Just think about it….

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What Happened to the Katrina Supplies?

Posted by blazzin on July 22, 2008

According to

“Federal officials vastly overestimated the value of hurricane relief supplies given away earlier this year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported Monday.

Debra Reed lived in a tent after Katrina and says she needed the supplies given away by FEMA.

Debra Reed lived in a tent after Katrina and says she needed the supplies given away by FEMA.

The General Services Administration, which manages federal property, over-counted cases of toilet paper, plastic sporks and other cutlery, by mistakenly counting a single item as being worth as much as multiple items contained in a package of goods.

The original GSA estimate of $85 million should have been $18.5 million, according to figures released by GSA and FEMA.

The household goods were supposed to go to people whose homes were destroyed by hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. But the items were stored in warehouses in Louisiana, and then Fort Worth, Texas. A recent CNN investigative story exposed that those materials never made it to storm victims.

GSA officials were asked recently to reassess the total cost of donated items in what the agency called a routine audit.

“In doing so, it was determined that some of the unit costs were ‘eaches’ and others were ‘for-case’ lots. The final adjustments reveal there was a significant overstatement in the total asset valuation,” GSA officials reported to FEMA, which released the findings Monday.

For example, each spork was assigned the value of an entire case, inflating the original estimated value of the supplies a thousandfold to $36 million from $36,000. Packs of toilet paper originally estimated to be worth $1.5 million dropped to about $18,000, and plastic cutlery kits, from $6.3 million to about $25,000.

“The actual total value of the surplus property was determined to be approximately $18.5 [million], and this figure was validated by both FEMA and the GSA Office of Personal Property Management,” FEMA told CNN in an e-mail.

GSA spokeswoman Viki Reath said Monday she would investigate whether it is unusual for the agency to make such a large accounting mistake.

The agency told CNN in February that the value of the FEMA items was about $85 million.

Source .. Cnn

For More Click Here

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The Boss – Rick Ross ?

Posted by blazzin on July 22, 2008

I am sure everyone knows that Rick Ross was allegedly a CO . What I don’t understand is….. why is that a problem? Honestly what King Pin do  you know traffics the amount of weight this fool talks about and no one knows about it… or better yet has never even seen a jail (except for work).. or even that is  willing repeat his crimes in a song for the world to hear . Rick Ross is an image, not to be confused with real life. There is nothing wrong with working a legitimate job to pay some bills and take care of a family, but there is something wrong when you would rather be classified as a drug selling loser than an honest hard working man no matter what the job was. YOU SUCK RICK ROSS…. not because you were a CO but because you are falling victim to the stereotype and sending negative messages to our youth that there is a problem with actually working for yours…. F**&king Idiot… 



These fool are my fuel so I make them Cool…Lupe

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Boy 15 Murdered Because of His Sexuality…

Posted by blazzin on July 20, 2008

This is so sad….. I don’t discriminate no matter what your race or sexually preference. No one has the right to pick and choose who lives and who dies. Who you have sex with should not determine if you are a good or bad person. We all have hearts, we all have souls, and we all deserve a fair chance.

Rest In Peace…. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten…


“On the morning of Feb. 12, Larry left his glitter and his heels at home. He came to school dressed like any other boy: tennis shoes, baggy pants, a loose sweater over a collared shirt. He seemed unhappy about something. He hadn’t slept much the night before, and he told one school employee that he threw up his breakfast that morning, which he sometimes did because he obsessed over his weight. But this was different. One student noticed that as Larry walked across the quad, he kept looking back nervously over his shoulder before he slipped into his first-period English class. The teacher, Dawn Boldrin, told the students to collect their belongings, and then marched them to a nearby computer lab, so they could type out their papers on World War II. Larry found a seat in the middle of the room. Behind him, Brandon McInerney pulled up a chair.

Brandon, 14, wasn’t working on his paper, because he told Mrs. Boldrin he’d finished it. Instead, he opened a history book and started to read. Or at least he pretended to. “He kept looking over at Larry,” says a student who was in the class that morning. “He’d look at the book and look at Larry, and look at the book and look at Larry.” At 8:30 a.m., a half hour into class, Brandon quietly stood up. Then, without anyone’s noticing, he removed a handgun that he had somehow sneaked to school, aimed it at Larry’s head, and fired a single shot. Boldrin, who was across the room looking at another student’s work, spun around. “Brandon, what the hell are you doing!” she screamed. Brandon fired at Larry a second time, tossed the gun on the ground and calmly walked through the classroom door. Police arrested him within seven minutes, a few blocks from school. Larry was rushed to the hospital, where he died two days later of brain injuries.

The Larry King shooting became the most prominent gay-bias crime since the murder of Matthew Shepard 10 years ago. But despite all the attention and outrage, the reason Larry died isn’t as clear-cut as many people think. California’s Supreme Court has just legalized gay marriage. There are gay characters on popular TV shows such as “Gossip Girl” and “Ugly Betty,” and no one seems to notice. Kids like Larry are so comfortable with the concept of being openly gay that they are coming out younger and younger. One study found that the average age when kids self-identify as gay has tumbled to 13.4; their parents usually find out a year later.

Source NewsWeek

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What About Our Daughters?

Posted by blazzin on July 7, 2008

If you are concerned about anything thats happening in the community you need to visit this site. It is an eyeopener.  I love it.

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